About us

Any big idea or ambitious plan seems scary and pretty unachievable on the first glance. Releasing a new software product. Writing a book. Preparing to give a public talk.

Have you ever left a meeting without any actual steps to do, feeling like you've just wasted your time in discussions that lead nowhere?

Have you ever postponed the work, because you didn't know where to start? Ideas keep piling up, but you never proceed from inception to realisation.

We created Checkvist having our own goals in mind—turning ideas into real products. We wanted a tool that would follow thoughts and obey the keyboard just like any other professional development environment.

We'll be glad if you check it out

We are 2 web-developers who are a team, an ISV, and a family. Together we have 30+ years of software development experience and love working on tools that take routine out of the daily job, be it programming, writing or planning. We'll be happy to hear from you, anytime.


Kir Maximov


We like the digital nomads notion

Currently we work in beautiful Prague, Czech Republic

Crimea, Ukraine

St. Petersburg, Russia

Tools and resources used

RubyMine—the best Ruby IDE, by JetBrains

FontAwesome project

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com