About us

Kirill Maximov Kir Maximov maxkir
Sasha Maximova Sasha Maximova sashika.com

Checkvist is a project of Kirill Maximov and Sasha Maximova.

We love web development, smart software, personal approach, talking to customers, writing, coding, and working on the go.

We don’t like forgetting things and ideas, missing deadlines, breaking promises, and spending time on routine tasks.

We use Checkvist ourselves, and keep there tons of product and feature ideas and development plans that still await implementation.

Kirill is a full-stack developer at JetBrains, where he works on a continuous delivery server.

Sasha spent at JetBrains about a decade researching and ux-ing web-tools, and now works solely on Checkvist.

You can always reach out to us at kirsa@checkvist.com.

A bit of history

It all started about 10 years ago, after a late night table talk with a friend.

Why do we find our code editors so convenient to work? The keyboard support, automatic completions, the intelligent and invisible interface. They let us dive into the work. Give the state of flow.

Can we bring this power and this feeling into an online task manager and outliner?

That’s how Checkvist has started.

We never stopped working on it. With 1-2 updates each month, we keep our initial goal - minimal UI, efficiency, and speed of work. Our smart and passionate community ensures we're on the course.

Join and help us define what comes next.

Many thanks!

Checkvist is bootstrapped and operates solely on the money paid by subscribers.

We are grateful to everyone who supports our project with subscriptions, advice, thoughts, comments, bug reports, incredible illustrations, and design ideas.

It's a pleasure to work for you.