Frequently Asked Questions

Why do they call Checkvist an 'online outliner'?
Outliners are more powerful than typical to-do list managers. They help you collect and structure lots of information. Working on a large document or a complicated project? Outliners can serve as brainstorming, note-taking, and planning tools, all in one.

'Online outliners' work in the browser, on any computer, and let you share lists with other people. Useful, isn't it?
Who are you?
A (married) couple of digital nomadic workacholics who live and breathe web development. Get in touch!
How safe is our data?
We backup your information daily, encrypted, to a backup storage.

If you have Checkvist PRO plan, you can download all your lists anytime, from your profile page. Besides, with the PRO plan, you have 30 daily backups for all your lists.
How reliable is your service?
We do our best to keep Checkvist stable and reliable. Last 10 years we managed to keep ~ 99.9% uptime. But if you can't access Checkvist, write to us ASAP at or @checkvist_news
Can I test Checkvist PRO plan before buying?
You can start a 14-day trial period, and not only try the PRO plan yourself but also invite your team and colleagues. Even if you don't upgrade after the trial, all your data remains intact. You can continue working on the same lists with the same team, in the free account.
I don't like subscriptions. What if I forget about your service but you'll continue charging me?
First, one week before the payment you'll receive an email reminder from Checkvist. If you don't use PRO features anymore, unsubscribe and keep your lists in the free account.

Also, when you cancel the subscription, PRO features work till the end of the prepaid period. Thus, if you subscribed for 1 year and then cancelled, you have enough time to decide if you want to pay further.
I have an idea for a new feature (encountered a bug)!
Let's discuss your idea/problem in the user forum. Also, there are quite some feature requests in our request tracker. Search it, and leave your vote for the ones you want. We're keeping a keen eye on all your comments! 🤓
I encountered a weird bug (have a terrific idea; want to drop you a line)!
Write to us at We read email very close to 24x7 and answer every email we receive from you.
I love your tool, but I want it integrate with (...)
Checkvist has an open API. Developers can integrate Checkvist with any application that connects via the web. Have questions? Send them here.

Not a developer? Use Zapier to connect Checkvist with your favourite application.
I want to delete my account. How do I do it?
You can delete your account on the profile page. But when you do it, you delete all lists you have authored, even if they are shared with other people.
You're talking about keyboard shortcuts but nothing works in FireFox!
This might happen when you enable the "Search for text when I start typing" feature. To check, look under Preferences —> Advanced —> General —> Accessibility.
I can read a list but cannot edit it. Why?

There could be several reasons:

  • The list is shared in the read-only mode. In this case, you cannot edit anything.
  • The list is public and you don't have writer's permissions.
  • You're looking at the print view of the list (see print=true parameter in the URL line). Remove this parameter to edit the list.
  • You wrote some HTML code in the text but forgot to close an opening HTML tag, like <b>. Checkvist can't handle such cases yet, sorry.
List sharing doesn't work. Why so?
When you share a list via email, the system sends an e-mail invitation. People you invited must open the email, click the invitation link and log in or create an account.

Checkvist account is necessary if you want someone to edit the list. Public read-only lists are open to anyone who knows the URL.

Sometimes these emails end up in the Spam folder, so ask them to look there. If this doesn't help, open the Share dialogue in that list, and delete the existing invitation. Then invite that person again.

If the problem persists, please write to