Structure your ideas and turn them into projects

Capture, re-structure and share ideas easily

Keep the hands on the keyboard and present your initial idea as a hierarchical list with small doable tasks at the end of each node.

Re-structure your outline quickly, move its parts up and down, change nesting without touching the mouse.

Now you can share your outline with others, and delegate work. And if you're a fast typer, you didn't spend more time than if you'd talked about it.

Project planning, feather weight

Turn the initial outline into plan: add tags, due dates, and assignees, all from the keyboard. Auto-completion, smart syntax, and Markdown support will make this work easier and faster.

If a plan grows too large, filter out a part or extract it as a separate list.

Flexibility and speed are the key features. Checkvist will follow your work habits, not otherwise. It won't compete with the creative work you love best.

Use checklists to control important procedures and communicate knowledge

Online or printed, structured checklists are a great way to increase personal or team productivity.

Share your lists with others, restrict permissions when needed, follow the progress with email notifications.

Make checklists public to show your progress on a project, or to share your knowledge with others.

Integration, clarity, openness

People need different tools to get things done. Use Checkvist with browsers, calendar apps, mobile devices, Gmail, Dropbox, and issue trackers.

Export or import data in text, Markdown or OPML format, use Markdown formatting (even with code highlighting). Your data is always available to you, we offer safe backups to your Dropbox account.

Work smarter

Checkvist is a fast, mature, polished outliner with innovative keyboard shortcuts. Where most outliners (and applications in general) use Ctrl-key combinations, Checkvist uses Vim-like keystroke sequences.